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Community Contributions

We believe that sharing knowledge is the future. Therefore, we release as much code as possible.

Sentinel Playground and EO Browser

Both applications are published as open-source to bring EO imagery closer to the end users.

Python Tools

A repository of tools build on top of Sentinel Hub services, providing users new ways to exploit the EO data.

Sentinel-2 on AWS

Use the Sentinel-2 data available on Amazon S3 and create new products on the AWS cloud. Sentinel2 Product Ingestor is used to download and process data and store it to Amazon S3.

BlueDot Water Observatory

An EO solution for global historical and current data on water resources.

If you have written something or you found a great tool using the Sentinel Hub, please let us know. We are happy to include it on our page.
In case you have some questions, contact us via Forum or other available channels.

If you are organising a hackathon using open satellite data (Sentinel, Landsat, MODIS, etc.) and you would like to use Sentinel Hub services, please follow this link for further information.